Thursday, May 7, 2009


This blog began as an assignment for my Online Journalism I class.
It's since began developing into a compendium of theatre events in South Jersey.
It has been a joy being the author.
This post is the FINAL assignment for every student in the class called "Future of this blog"
Will it end?

The answer is: as long as the theatre in South Jersey is alive, I will stay with this.
I actually just had a very brief conversation with a professional actress from Philadelphia, Alana Gerlach, who also is my adjunct acting instructor at Rowan. I asked her if she aspired to work in New York City. She said that she didn't, that she'd rather teach and keep acting in Philadelphia.

"I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond," she remarked.

And isn't that the epitome of every brilliant actor, actress, director, stage manager, designer, musician, and stage hand on the South Jersey Rialto? We are all big fish in this small pond.

So, this is my last post while under the jurisdiction of Rowan University. After this post, it's only because I love the theatre, sometimes more than myself. Honestly.

But before I take the next step, I have to acknowledge those deserving:
Mark Berkey-Gerard, Professor of Online Journalism. (made sure this blog is what it is)
Off Broad Street Players, my "home" theatre, (gave me many resources to do this)
Cast of All Shook Up, (for providing me my first topics, and feeding me my favorite addiction: performing.)
Cast of Moon Over Buffalo (for allowing me to attend their rehearsal and take video)
Lauren Van Embden, Chairwoman of the Levoy Theatre. (for exclusive interviews)
Bentley, Josie, and Elsie (for graciously appearing in my out-takes video)

See you on the boards!

"Life is a holiday.
I'm talking June through May.
A nightly sell out show,
and baby I'm front row.
Bye-Bye to lonely nights.
Only nights when the two of us can coo.
Skies are sunny and clear,
Long as I'm here with you."
-Thoroughly Modern Millie

(I hope you like the quote above...
could it be a hint at something? lips are sealed...)

-Jim Cook Jr.

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