Thursday, February 12, 2009

Being part of the cast of ALL SHOOK UP

The Elvis-inspired musical ALL SHOOK UP is being featured tonight at 7:30pm for only $7 as a promotional "Family Night" event hosted by the Off Broad Street Players Theatre Company. The performance is at Bridgeton High School on Broad St. in Bridgeton. I will not be posing a review of the show because I was sucked into the cast. Haha, funny way of putting it. The Off Broad Street Players held auditions for ALL SHOOK UP only a few months ago, but needed an extra ensemble member, so I was asked to join.

Sadly enough, my work schedule has been so busy and my spring semester just began at Rowan University. Joining the cast was a difficult commitment because I knew I would not have nearly enough time to devote to learning the dances and songs as everyone else had.

But with my constant love for the theatre and feeling that I was in a position for needing a high-energy musical in my life, I joined. Luckily, I was welcomed with open arms by the cast, most of whom I'd just finished performing with in HELLO, DOLLY! last November (as Cornelius Hackl).

I attended a few rehearsals here and there and learned two or three of the dances I needed to be in, but I wasn't caught up until Tech week (the final week of rehearsals). So, like my normal self, I goofed around a little backstage, then finally went out and learned everything just in the nick of time for Opening Night.

The last time I was in a high-energy musical (usually a rock-music based musical) was when I played Ren (Kevin Bacon's movie role) in FOOTLOOSE, in January of 2007, so I was way over-due for another. Being part of the show every night has been a release of energy and a massively loud foot-stoming experience. Note: when I stomp my feet on stage, I like to really drive my feet and legs into the floor, I see actors on Broadway do it, so I mine as well take something from them! The cast is so solid, led by Andrew Jarema (The Wizard of Oz, Jesus Christ Superstar) and Katie Cox (The Secret Garden, Jesus Christ Superstar) who have the utmost perfect on-stage chemistry in my opinion. But as solid as the show is, there are always new fun things that happen every night. No two performances are the same, EVER, in any show, especially in this show.

It's been a joy to work with such a talented cast. In fact, as I am writing this I just received a text message from one of the Production Managers and ensemble member, Dominic Barnes (Ain't Misbehavin' Hello, Dolly!), wishing the cast a good performance tonight. Come see us tonight for only $7!!!, and if you miss us tonight, there are three more performances: Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday @ 3pm, Bridgeton High School, Tickets for the last three performances are $15 Adults and $13 Students/Seniors.

Visit for more info.

ALSO - To the cast of DEATH OF A SALESMAN in previews tonight 7:30 at Haddonfield Plays and Players, Break a Leg! More info to come, they are opening tomorrow night at 8pm. for more information.

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