Monday, April 13, 2009

Adamerican Idol...

Here's my newest beef, then turn-around.

Everyone is going googly eyes over this new guy on American Idol: Adam Lambert. (And by everyone I mean, teenage girls, but the world only revolves around them right?) Anyway, I heard he was making a wild tear of genius on our all-time favorite lack-of-talent reality T.V. show. So, I got all excited because I figured here was someone I couldn't out-sing, (considering I could probably leave every male performer from the past three seasons, save for David Cook, in the vocal dust...and I'm not being egotistical.) Excitedly in a fury I research Lambert to only find out that he's been in the chorus of the Broadway company of WICKED. Now I'm really mad because he's technically been paid as a professional performer and should have to starve like the rest of us (not that I'm professional, but he gets paid way more than I do.) 

Then I found this sound recording of him singing "Come To Me Bend To Me" from the Learner and Lowe musical Brigadoon from when he was 22 years old. (He's about 26 or 27 now)

AND NOW I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!! I really really really really really really hope he wins American Idol. He seriously is the best male talent they've ever had on that show. In fact, Simon Cowell gave Lambert a standing ovation after his rendition of "Mad World" last week. 

Who cares if he had that crappy little bit-role in WICKED. Its not even that great of a show anyway. 

and GO theatuhh junkies gotcha back son!

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