Friday, April 17, 2009

Children's Hour stirs...

Went to see The Children's Hour last weekend and I thought it was a good show. I had some problems with character choices and thought maybe if the cast had another week they could have been a bit more solid. I LOVED the set and the lighting. Kudos to the crew. But overall, the show was fantastic. Story in a nutshell: little girl goes to an all-girl's school and runs away to her grandmother's house. From preventing her grandmother to send her back, she decides to lie, saying the two headmistresses were having a lesbian affair. Keep an eye out for more in The Whit. There were a few points I wasn't allowed to include due to spoiler details, but I've listed them below. Check it out below -->

In the end, Dobie admits to being a lesbian and being in love with Wright. Was there any interaction between the two of them that prompted her admitting this? And what makes Wright so certain that she wants to be married to Dr. Cardin?

Also, for a young girl, Mary had quite an imagination, especially to devise this accusation while attending an all-girls school during the 1930s when the idea of homosexuality was closely guarded away from schools and children. It’s also strange how Dr. Cardin never felt completely certain that the accusation was false. Or perhaps I’m completely looking too far into it.

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