Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch...AGAIN!

The Off Broad Street Players are hosting auditions tonight at 7pm at Trinity United Methodist Church, (14 Fayette St. Bridgeton, NJ) for their upcoming production of "Moon Over Buffalo." Director John Muller is looking for a I'll be there to probably hang out with people (because thats how SJ theatre is) but not audition. 

Also, on March 10th, OBSP will host auditions for their fall drama "Ordinary People" based on the Robert Redford movie starring Mary Tyler Moore. Same place, same time. That one you can certainly count on me being there for...auditioning. I would hope to see all you great thespians there!

ACTORS: Auditions, for me, are a nightmare. I get so paranoid before, during, and after auditions. There are plenty of tips to pick up from others or from your own experiences For instance: Wear an appropriate outfit, dont get drunk before you go on, and smile and volunteer as much as you can. But the best advice is just to be prepared. One great site for preparation is Also, if you are auditioning for a show and don't know much about it, the best thing, first to know, is the character you're auditioning for. A fantastic source that I've used time and again is Stage Agent. Have fun, stay warm, and BREAK A LEG!

"What does he want from me?
What should I try to be?
So many faces all around,
and here we go.
I need this job, oh God,
I need this show."
-"I Hope I Get It."
from A Chorus Line

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