Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's almost like being in love!

I was sitting at work, waiting for 7 o'clock to arrive so I could leave. I knew that I would have just enough time to rush over to Woodstown High School from work, to buy a ticket to their 7:30 performance of Learner and Lowe's "Brigadoon" which opened last Friday and continues performances next Thursday, Friday, at 7:30pm and Saturday at 2:00pm. I graduated from Woodstown High and knew how special it would be to see all of my good friends back on the stage.

I sat in the third row, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly the cast began the show in the audience, singing the opening title. The show continued, I won't pick it apart bit by bit. But overall, the magic of quality high school theatre is still alive in Woodstown. This production was masterfully executed, with a beautiful set, extraordinary costuming, glorious talent, and a score of music so warm that it leaves us undoubtedly satisfied.

Bravo to this cast, to Paul Kranz (director), and to all who put this show together for our community. It tells the tale of a town that only comes alive every 100 years, and my goodness, did it come alive.

I encourage you all to attend next weekend. I will be going again on Thursday night. Tickets at $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Performances are held in the Woodstown High School Auditorium.

Here's a clip of Frank Sinatra singing one the love song "Almost Like Being In Love" from BRIGADOON

"Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
There my heart forever lies.
Let the world grow cold around us,
Let the heavens cry above!"
from Learner and Lowe's "Brigadoon"

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