Monday, March 9, 2009

Paul Simon Collection Slideshow

One great art form emerging in the Off Broad Street Players Theatre Company is the professional photography of various shows. Paul Simon, a parent and volunteer in OBSP, has been photographing OBSP productions for the past three years and has captured hundreds of great moments on the stage in his lens. Photographed shows include: Camelot, South Pacific, Honk Jr!, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Foreigner, The Wizard of Oz, All Shook Up, Hello, Dolly!, and Beauty & The Beast.

The Slideshow below features hardly a glimpse of the beautiful work he has captured, some of the photos I've been lucky enough to appear in. Featured shows in-order-of-appearance include: Camelot, Beauty & The Beast, The Foreigner, and South Pacific.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. I LOVE these images. Great quality and nice selection. My only suggestion with this would be to explain the story more with the images. Each image should be accompanied by not only the subjects names, but maybe the show title too? Just to help give a feel.

    Nice job on this!! Beth