Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break with the Neighbors

Instead of spending a week on the South Jersey Rialto, I spent it with the neighbors (New York City) First trip was Monday night with my mother. I go to the city too much, yet rarely do I have the chance to share it with family, so this was nice. We went all over 5th Avenue and then went to the theatre at night. 

After waiting in a fairly quick TKTS line (which is unheard of) we got tickets to Avenue Q which just opened a short SEVEN years ago on Broadway at the Golden Theatre on 45th Street. Currently it is the one of the longest running shows currently playing and ranks 25 in longest running Broadway shows....and you sure can tell. 

The show was extremely funny, the text was well written and the songs were a laugh-a-minute. My problem lied within the actual acting. Not saying these people weren't bad. Each character/puppet was seamless on stage and the voices were beautiful. I think they might have been missing some simple basics (had trouble hearing some songs and dialogue) The show seems slightly calculated and to the trained actor's eye, felt like a monday night performance. Overall, however, it was plenty of fun. And my mom remarked "I needed that!" alluding to the comedy. And don't we all need some comedy in our lives? 

"Only for now! (SEX!)
Is only for now! (YOUR HAIR!)
Is only for now! (George Bush!)
Was only for now!
Don't stress, relax
let life roll off your back
except for death and paying taxes
...Life may be scary, but its only temporary
...Everything in life is only for now!"
from "For Now!"
Avenue Q


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